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Prior Case Results

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(Prior case results are not intended as a promise or indication of the particular outcome of your case)

Murder / Attempt Murder
Gang Cases / Charges
Assault with a Deadly Weapon
Sex Crimes
Three Strikes Cases
Juvenile Cases

Grand Theft / Petty Theft
Identity Crimes
Welfare Fraud

Possession For Sales
Manufacturing / Cultivation
Transportation of Controlled Substances
Simple Possession
Driving Under the Influence (DUI)
Domestic Violence

Drug Offenses –  Possession for Sales of Meth/Marijuana/Cocaine:

  • FVA025236 –Case Dismissed
    • Client charged with sales of 447 grams (one pound) of meth and possession of weapons.  D.A. wanted 6 years state prison.  Attorney Mathewson filed a motion to suppress and put the officer on the stand to successfully establish an illegal search of client and his residence.  All evidence was suppressed, warrant quashed and case was dismissed.
  • FSB035242 – Case Dismissed
    • Client (illegal alien) charged with possession of heroin for sale.  Cops show up at house without a warrant and client refuses to answer door.  Cops enter house anyway.  Attorney Mathewson argued at suppression motion that cops entered illegally.  All evidence is suppressed and case is dismissed.
  • RIF130348 – 392 grams of marijuana reduced to misdemeanor
  • RIF135581 –  70 grams of meth and cocaine – client gets county jail work release
  • FWV037847–  9 lbs of marijuana – reduced to maintaining a place and work release


  • Embezzlement by employee – Case dismissed (FVA016989)
  • Embezzlement by employee – Case dismissed (MWV904944)

Possession of Firearm/Ammo by Felon

  • Case Dismissed – (FSB055983)
  • Case Dismissed – (FSB1001739)


  • Attempt Murder & Rape – Not Guilty Verdict (FSB039162)
  • Conspiracy For Murder/Gang – Reduced to Accessory to a crime; 30 days credit time served (FSB059489)
  • Murder and Assault with a deadly weapon and gang enhancements – Not guilty on Assault with deadly weapon and hung jury on murder (KA094208)
  • Failure to Register as sex offender – 25 to life exposure; 2 Strikes stricken, ½ time for client (FSB051173)
  • Third Strike residential burglary and sex registration offense – 2 Strikes stricken, registration offense dismissed, ½ time for client (FSB052489)

Sex Crimes :

  • Negotiated a non-registerable plea – (FVI022514)
  • Negotiated a non-registerable plea – (FWV035768)
  • Negotiated a non-registerable plea – (09SF1168)
  • Negotiated a non-registerable plea – (RIF10005250)
  • Negotiated a non-registerable plea – (10NF2714)
  • Indecent Exposure – registation offense dismissed after preliminary hearing – (RIF107589)
  • Failure to Register as sex offender – 25 to life exposure; 2 Strikes stricken, ½ time for client (FSB051173)


  • Robbery and Residential Burglary – Case dismissed (SWF1100941)
  • Robbery w/loaded firearm – Case dismissed (FVA028138)
  • Robbery – Case dismissed (FSB271679)
  • Robbery – Reduced to misdemeanor theft (FWV029369)
  • Robbery – Reduced to possession of stolen prop (FSB031683)
  • Attempted Robbery/Gang – Reduced to theft of person (FSB037872)
  • Robbery – Reduced to accessory to a crime (FCH08334)
  • Robbery – Reduced to a non-strike assault w/ deadly weapon (FSB1003152)


  • Assault w/ Deadly Weapon & Criminal Threats – Reduced to misdemeanor (FVA801323)
  • Assault w/Deadly Weapon – Reduced to misdemeanor (FSB035570)

Domestic Violence

  • Reduced to infraction – (MSB068896)
  • Annoying phone calls – Case dismissed (MVI1003301)


  • Case dismissed – (FSB034812)
  • Case dismissed – (FSB033942)
  • Case dismissed – (VA081974)


  • Forged check cashing – Case dismissed; prevented filing
  • Forged deed – Case dismissed (FSB031767)
  • Forged checks – Hung Jury 10-2 in favor of acquittal; Case dismissed (FSB038963)
  • Grand theft & forged check – Case dismissed (FSB054428)


  • Possession for Sales of 447 Grams of meth – Case dismissed (FVA025236)
  • Possession for Sales of 18   Grams of heroin & 23 grams of marijuana – Case dismissed (FSB035242)
  • Possession for Sales of 392 Grams of marijuana – Reduced to misdemeanor (RIF130348)
  • Possession for Sales of 70   Grams of meth & cocaine – work release (RIF135581)
  • Possession for Sales of 9 lbs of marijuana – reduced to maintaining a place and work release (FWV037847)
  • Furnishing marijuana – Case dismissed (KA078668)
  • Possession of Cocaine – Case dismissed (FVA900391)
  • Possession of Methamphetamine – Case dismissed (MWV1003867)
  • Possession for Sales – Reduced to simple possession and PC1000 drug program – (RIF130596)
  • Possession for Sales – Negotiated to usable offense and Prop 36 drug program – (SWF005409)


  • FSB039162 – Attempted Murder and Rape
    • Client faced 50 years + life on multiple count attempted murder and rape charges.  Even though victim testified that client stabbed her, Attorney Mathewson proved to the jury that victim was not credible and that 70 years of combined police experience manipulated and mishandled evidence.  Not Guilty on all counts.
  • FSB059489 – Conspiracy to Commit Murder
    • Client faced 25 years + life in a multiple co-defendant gang case accused of conspiracy to commit murder.  After extensive negotiations with D.A., Attorney Mathewson secured a plea bargain without strikes or gang enhancements to receiving stolen property, probation and 30 days county jail with credit for time served.
  • Third Strike Domestic Violence
    • Client faced 25 + life in a domestic violence case with a repeat wife victim.  Attorney Mathewson gets prior strikes stricken after negotiating with the court and over D.A. objection.  All Strikes are stricken and client gets three years at half time. Orange county.
  • Grand Theft/Forgery:
  • Card Casino – Case prevented from being filed
  • Client, a professional poker player, was accused of cashing a counterfeit traveler’s check, arrested and banned from the casino.  Client hired Attorney Mathewson who investigated the case before it was filed and convinced the investigating police officer not to file any charges with the District Attorney.  No case or charges were ever filed and Attorney Mathewson successfully appealed to the casino overturning the ban on client.  Client went on to win more than $80,000 at the casino tournaments the following two months.
  • FSB038963 – Case Dismissed
    • Client charged with forging a deed to property and stealing the land.  At trial, Attorney Mathewson argued evidence was insufficient and that D.A.’s witnesses were not credible.  Jury hung in favor of acquittal 10 to 2. Case was dismissed.
  • FSB038963 – Case Dismissed
  • FSB054428 – Case Dismissed


  • Residential burglary and grand theft – Case dismissed (FVI023231)
  • Residential burglary and stolen car – Not guilty verdict on residential burglary charge (FSB034530)
  • FVI023231 – Case Dismissed
  • RIF107569 – Charge Dismissed
  • FSB034530 –Client accused of residential burglary (a strike), grand theft auto and possession of stolen property.  D.A. wanted prison time and residential burglary strike. At trial, Attorney Mathewson convinced jury there was no evidence of a residential burglary. Jury agreed and returned a not guilty verdict on the residential burglary.  Client received probation and only county jail on the other counts.

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